Girl in a World of Red

Girl in a world of red

by Jvack Toto

“Sometimes I disappear into the babble of my head, loose the plot and forget why I were here at all. “Stop. Forget. Move on.” Focus. Refuse to break down. Let nothing tear you apart. Trust nobody. There is little room for honesty and transparence is a double scam.

I’d like to be ignorant; we all know that’s blissful. But I cannot wake up every morning and ignore the things that are in my face. Someone said that we need to find an intelligent way of protest. But we are a lazy people who like to stand around and watch, hoping for the best. There are too many people fighting for too many dreams, wanting too many things.”

Girl in a world of red is about finding hope in a world that has seen the worst of human stupidity. It is a prediction of our future, one that is constantly reflected in our cinema. We go every day one step closer to an apocalypse, a world of cyborgs- half human and half machine.

Conception, Photography : Jvack Toto

Model : Tanya George

Fashion Design : Which Witch

Make Up and Accesoires : J C Vaz