A monothematic magazine about future

Futurus is thought of as a platform of stimulating speculations; a space open for potential science-fiction. In the name of progress and the excesses of humanity, the outcome, i.e. the future, is supposed to be the object of reflection. The context should be within the spirit of perfection, perfidiousness, artfulness and humaneness. Futurus celebrates the future whilst subtly querying it and unmasks the pretentious surfaces.


In times of global crises, unstable economies, inflation and shifting power there seem to be endless means and possibilities and yet all depends on and is run by a self-empowered capitalistic system. Since there is no sign of change in sight, the ideas of "Brave New World" and "Equilibrium" seem to be neither far-fetched nor distant any longer. We are already living in the global village in which the individual has been replaced by a combination of digits, molded to fit the overmastering system. It looks impenetrably entangled and the worth of the individual is declining due to a sense of disposability and replaceabilty.


The future appears more promising than ever. A haze of carbon fibers and concrete is followed by the revering people obediently. And every single one of them is seeking one's fortune, trying to reach the ultimate goal of redemption. On their quest to subdue the omnipresent nihilism, some people develop an inner creative urge which drives them to rise above themselves and thus confronts them with the risk of going into a tailspin.

What might be the leading consequences over the next years, decades and centuries?